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The story behind

After years of learning and travelling to distant shores, Dr Patel had a realization. He understood how skin problems develop over time and how the patient feels at different stages. This compartmentalization of problem progression and tagging in what stage the problem is holding the key to developing a tailor-made patient-centric treatment plan. This Doctrine remains the cornerstone of the patient approach and cares at Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics. People are creatures of habit as perceived by Dr Patel.

Therefore, it is important to foster new habits as well as break down the myths for the wrong ones as well. This style of integrating lifestyle coaching along with skin advice was something the Italians follow a lot. The principles of the Health Belief Systems of Naturopathy and Ayurveda Dr Patel was raised in, started to make a lot of meaning when he could relate to those in a scientific way.

“Integrating it would form the first part of the three three-pronged against any skin or hair condition. The other two being a lifestyle and the advancements in allopathy” – explains Dr. Patel.

Further on Dr Patel explains that the saying “The eyes don’t see what the mind doesn’t know” has much broader ramifications in our daily lives.

Dr Patel has devised his way of postulating this – “Ignorant in the mind is complaisant in action”.

Therefore, laying the foundations for patient education is the first and foremost measure to adopt in forging a long-term association. With the traction social media has nowadays, coupled with the more relatable fashion styles in the market now, more and more people are jumping on the cosmetic make-over bandwagon. 

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Sometimes steered by self-experimentation, unethical practitioners and the trend to separate from the rest, result in detrimental consequences. Dr Patel explains that beauty should be nonchalant and encourages people to Google about the services and treatments they want to undergo but advises them to exercise caution in judging the authenticity of he content. Many content makers spot cosmetic content but for purposes of authenticity either they should be featured on a doctor’s website or social media handle. That validates the authenticity of the content. Dr Patel goes on to explain that, even after reading the right content and making a calculated decision, successful treatment requires a sharp observation backed by in-depth training as far as medical practitioners are concerned.

 “Sometimes being nice to people is not so nice” – explains Dr.Patel to further make his point. The hardest part of his profession is to erase and then re-write the notions and beliefs held so dearly for so long by so many of the people.

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