Photofacial (Soft Peel)


Soft Peel is a non-invasive laser procedure that stimulates healthy collagen and elastin from deep within. At Opulence Clinic, we use US-FDA approved HELIOS III laser. You can improve the overall look of your face with the Q-switch Photo Facial.

1. How does photofacial work?

In the 1st step, nanocarbon is applied to the face. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. The nanocarbon gets locked inside the pores and superficial layer of the skin. A collimated laser is fired which zaps away the dead cell layer and the resultant heat causes pore reduction and a super smooth texture of the skin.

In our next step, we fire a fractional laser that exclusively targets the deeper layers of the skin. It reduces the pigmentation by breaking the bigger chunks into smaller fragments. The body’s lymphatics absorb it over 10-15 days and help your skin reduce pigmentation. Ideally, the procedure should be repeated every 4-6 weeks apart.

In the final step, we do a cryo-facial using a supercooled handpiece that relaxes your skin and starts the rejuvenation process right away.

2. Is photofacial painful?

Photofacial is a painless procedure but some may experience a mild stinging sensation, which always goes away with our cryofacial that follows the procedure.

3. Which areas of the body can you treat using photofacial?

Photofacial is ideal for rejuvenating the skin of the following areas:

4. How long does the procedure take?

The duration of the treatment depends on the area we are treating. It may require at least 15 minutes for the face and at least 30 minutes for the hands or legs.

5. How long will it take to see the results?

Post treatment, the brightness and the glow are noticeable right away with most of the patients describing it as a visibly cleaner skin. The pigmentation starts getting lighter within a week. Collagen remodeling, which takes place in the dermis, gives a smoother, brighter, and a clean toned skin, a month after the laser.

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