1. How does it feel?

Sensitive individuals might feel mild discomfort during treatment. Procedure is done under local anesthetic for a comfortable experience. It feels like a lightly brushing sensation

2. Why Micro Pigmentation is not Tattooing?

Most people refer micro pigmentation as cosmetic tattooing, which is incorrect. The principle seems to be similar to tattooing in that a pigment is implanted into the skin, but the aesthetic result is quite different. Micropigmentation cannot be done with tattoo pigments, it would result in pigment migration between the layers of the skin, leaving dark spots or even blotches. This results in cold undertones like Blue/gray. The ink we incorporate is a special organic ink imported from USA. This ink does not change color as it is not made up of iron oxide. It has pure color shades and very little to no secondary tones that helps to deliver consistent results which do not alter with time.

3. How frequently I need to do?

Since it is a semi-permanent technique technically you need it only once but a desired perfect result can sometimes require 1-2 sessions also. A touch up is done after 30 days to enhance color and give a perfect finish. Since there is reduction in eyebrow density as you age, a repeat touch up session is required to fill in for the gaps created due to loss of density. This is very important logic to be borne in mind. And your eyebrows shall look stunning perpetually forever !

4. What is the aftercare?

5. Are there any side effects?

You may experience some swelling or redness after the treatment, however this will subside on its own within a few hours. In the event of pain, take a pain reliever as advised by your doctor.

6. Is it safe?

Dr.Shaunakk Patel has been personally mentored by Mrs.Candice Watson a celebrity pigmentation artist who has done this for the entire Saudi Royal Family. She runs an A-List practice in both Dubai & London. With the right kind of experience and having started in 2016, we have performed over 300 eyebrow pigmentations with satisfying results.

7. Can it be combined with other treatments?

Yes it can. Popular treatments such as thread lift, dermal fillers and skin peels can sometimes be taken at the same time. Upon your consultation you will be able to discuss your specific concern and treatment needs. This is our signature complete eye-rejuvenation. Discuss with your doctor for more information.

8. The kind of Equipments we use at our clinic?

We use Precision Plus Micro Pigmentation Machine (Berlin, Germany) and all Organic Pigments by Finishing Touches Group, England.

9. What kind of Eyebrow styles we incorporate?

We do Ombre Brows, Soft tap & Hair Feathering depending on the client’s budget.

10. Is it a surgical procedure?

No, it is not a Surgical Procedure. In fact it is the best alternative to Surgery. As the face ages every year, facial symmetry require minor adjustments every 2-3 years giving the patients a chance to address what they like to be changed.

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