Plasma Pen Non-surgical Eye-lid Lift

Plasma Pen Non Surgical Eye Lid Lift Treatment

Are you researching how to get rid of hooded eyes? Perhaps you’re wondering if there is a treatment option for non surgical blepharoplasty? Are you wondering if there is a better under eye wrinkle treatment than the countless over-the-counter eye creams on offer?

Then Plasma IQ – which is a medical version of Plasma pen may be a great option for you! This treatment, provided by the Opulence Clinic offers complete eye rejuvenation and is one of the quickest and safest treatment options for a non surgical eye lift.

1. How does a Plasma IQ - Plasma Pen work?

This treatment works by ‘zapping’ or burning the skin away. This removes the excess skin via a process called sublimation. It is a quick and straightforward procedure which is safe and effective.

Plasma Pen Treatment For Hooded Eyes:

Our Plasma IQ treatment which is a medical version of the plasma pen treatment is a 20-minute treatment performed by our in-clinic doctors which removes excess skin on eye lids to reduce heavy, hooded brows. It is an excellent hooded eyes treatment and alternative option to hooded eyes surgery.

While it remains a non-invasive alternative to upper eyelid surgery, it is important that you seek an expert to perform this treatment.

Plasma Pen Limitations

Plasma IQ – plasma pen treatment is also an excellent treatment for hooded eyelids. But since the treatment is aimed at mild to moderate correction, extremely droopy or ageing eyelids would require more intensive additions like Surgical removal with cauterisation or a Full-Scaled Blepharoplasty for optimum results.

While plasma pen is good at correcting the skin component of the eyelids, it is not designed to work in fat herniation or a severe age related drooping is involved.

2. What can Plasma Pen treat?

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