Skin Brightening

Its the most sought after treatment as far as the popular notion of bridal makeover or somebody looking for a long term flawless skin goes. There is a whole array of combination treatments we tailor-make as per individual skin types to deliver the quickest and long lasting results. The results are very promising and we recommend you to go through the entire long term plan to avail the maximum benefits.

1. What are the different treatments available at Opulence Clinic for skin brightening?

Opulence Clinic offers Natural Fruit Peels , Hollywood Carbon Peel, Hydrafacial, Diamond Peel, Cosmelan Peel, Medi-scrubs for skin brightening. Chemical peeling involves the application of various chemical agents, of varying concentrations, which causes mild exfoliation of the skin. The new skin is smoother, less oily, and less pigmented.

2. What is the procedure for skin brightening?

After degreasing the skin, we apply a peeling agent the skin. You may feel a mild tingling sensation and it is an expected result. Next we neutralize the degreased skin by water or using a sodium bicarbonate solution. Neutralization stops the sensations that you felt during the peel.
The common areas for peeling are:

3. What are the post-procedure care for skin brightening?

4. What happens post-peel in skin brightening?

Your skin may feel a little dry. You can also observe:

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