Everybody has moles. Most moles appear in early childhood. By adulthood many can have up to 40 moles on their body.

Moles may:
The exposure to the sun exposure can increase the number of moles. Moles can be tan, brown, black, reddish brown, or skin coloured. They can be flat or raised.

1. When should we opt for mole removal?

You should remove moles for cosmetic reasons as well as for medical reasons. Consult a dermatologist when a mole starts showing following changes:
If the moles show any of these signs then the moles require surgical excision under local anesthesia. We send the excised mole to the pathology laboratory for histopathology. It will require a week to heal the excised area.

2. How do we remove moles at Opulence Clinic?

At Opulence Clinic we remove moles with a painless nano 1064 Quasi Long Pulse laser (Helios III). We selectively target the moles with a stream of laser pulses. The destroyed mole appears whitish and it liZs in its place for tissue regeneration. In 10 days, a complete reformation takes place and the mole is completely removed.

For bigger moles, we use radio-cautery to fulgurate them and for critically placed ones Dermat-surgery is an option when we want a spotless healing.

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