PRP ( Platelet Rich Plasma injections )


1. Why PRP TREATMENT for Hair-Loss ?


30-40 ml of the blood is drawn in a vacutainer into a specially formulated container. Blood is later sent for centrifuge . A purified extract is then loaded in an insulin syringe and is prepared for injection.

After applying a Topical Anesthetic over the affected area, we inject the scalp dermis by PRP INJECTION directly around thin hairs and baby hairs. This stimulation causes micro trauma to the dermis that activates other repair cells.

Some of PRP growth factors and their benefits:

2. Why to consider your PRP Hair Treatment in Ahmedabad at Opulence?

PRP Treatment at Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics Ahmedabad is done by Dr.Shaunakk Patel who is a Board Certified MD Dermatologist with an proven success track record.

Blood is sent for centrifuge in our state of the art REMI Refrigerated Centrifuge. Refrigeration is a vital step in preserving the growth factors and the platelets. Later the sample is analysed for the total concentration of platelets in HORIBA (Made in France) Auto-cell Analyser. These steps are very crucial as it establishes deviations in the ideal blood picture that can affect the outcome of the procedure like allergy, raised esr, raised number of WBCs. This step gives a real time picture of the viability of the platelets and growth factors simultaneously establishing its actual numbers that are being injected for a more predictable outcome. It is very important since the patient needs to understand and know how much concentration of the product they are receiving as it gives a huge confidence boost and establishes faith in the doctor and the clinic. Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics is the 1st & ONLY Clinic in Gujarat to adopt this dual approach for PRP. Most clinics miss out on either one or both of the above due to budget restrictions.

At Opulence we address concerns like Ageing Skin, Hair-Loss, Premature Greying of the Hair, Non-Healing Ulcers, Faster Recovery Post Surgery & Scar Correction with an amazing degree of success

Above are the various common uses of PRP. Please go through the post-care guide to maximize the outcome of the treatment.

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