Skin Tightening


1. What is Monopolar-radiofrequency used for?

It is used to non-surgically tighten and li4 the skin. It works best on these areas:
On the face, the whole face and jaw line are treated to tighten the cheeks, reduce the nasolabial fold (between the nose and the mouth), and to tighten and li4 skin along the jaw line. Our most popular indication is the fat reduction under the chin Monopolar-radiofrequency can also be performed on the forehead to li4 the eyebrows and make the eyes look more open.

The success of the treatment depends on periodic tightening of the skin periodically a4er 4-6 months since a4er an age you lose more collagen than you can produce. This is the “Reversal Phenomenon” in Aging. That is why sittings are required.

2. How does Monopolar-radiofrequency work?

The Monopolar-radiofrequency procedure uses radiofrequency energy to create a uniform heating effect in the deep dermis. This gentle heating tightens existing collagen and stimulates the production of new collagen. It reduces wrinkles and achieves brow lifting, cheek lifting, and jaw line lifting.
The skin tissue lifting and tightening is caused by immediate collagen contraction followed by gradual collagen tightening. The result is a more youthful appearance to lax and sagging skin.

3. What does a Monopolar-radiofrequency treatment feel like?

You’ll feel a brief sensation of heat each time the Monopolar-radiofrequency is pulsed. Usually a treatment takes 45-90 minutes depending upon the size of the target area. Here’s how the procedure goes: First, you remove make-up with a gentle cleanser. Then, a small rubber patch (grounding pad) is placed on your abdomen. Usually, your doctor will treat one side of your face at a time—pulse by pulse. Your doctor will do multiple passes, all over one side of your face, including extra pulses in your problem areas and always under the chin. After one side is done, you can sit up to see the difference already from the other side.

4. What will I look like right after the treatment? What will the healing time be?

You may return to your normal activities immediately after the Monopolar-radiofrequency treatment, as there is no down time. Minimal redness is seen in some patients a4er treatment, but it generally disappears over a period of 24 hours. Bruising and discomfort are rare a4er the Monopolar- radiofrequency procedure. Occasionally mild swelling is noticed a4er the treatment but disappears in two or three days.

5. How many treatments will I need?

If you are 30-40 years of age, 1-3 over a period of 1 year may be enough. If you’re over 50 years of age, plan on 3 treatments six months apart for optimal results, then maintenance every one to two years.

6. How safe is Monopolar-radiofrequency?

Radiofrequency energy has been used in operating rooms all over the country for more than 25 years. The Monopolar-radiofrequency device was cleared by the FDA for cosmetic indications. Studies showed a very small incidence of minor and temporary side effects. Small, possibly permanent indentations were reported with the original tips at offices where the energy used for the treatment was very high.

7. Are there any medical or cosmetic side effects of the Monopolar-radiofrequency treatment?

Your provider should give you the complete list, but generally, anyone who has a pacemaker or internal cardiac defibrillator, active skin infections in the treated area, or is pregnant should not have this procedure.

Here are some of the possible other side effects. Your provider should give you the full list in a consent form:

Monopolar-radiofrequency Q & A Discussion

Remember that even though you will see a little bit of tightening right away with Monopolar- radiofrequency, most tightening occurs gradually over a period of four to six months. If your event is in two months, you’ll see only a little improvement prior to the event.
Yes. Monopolar-radiofrequency is perfect for someone like you because you can have your treatment and walk right back out with no marks on your face. There is a very slight puffiness for a day or two that no one but you will notice, and that’s it.

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