How to Get the Best Results from PRP Hair Treatment?


How to Get the Best Results from PRP Hair Treatment?



Platelet-rich Plasma Injections (PRP) are an effective as well as an efficient treatment for your hair growth.


But what makes it even more effective and efficient?


As the above infographic mentions that there are factors that can enhance the effects of the treatment, and these points can be crucial in your aftercare.


Because aftercare is equally important to the treatment.


If you compromise that, you might not get the desired results that you were waiting so long for.


Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics is there with you before, during, and after the treatment.


And that is why we bring you this piece of information so you can read and learn from it anytime, anywhere at your convenience. 


As PRP is a formula made from your blood, the post-procedure depends highly on the natural boosting effects of the therapy.


This provides the best way for cell regeneration, and for that, you need to make sure to live a platelet-friendly lifestyle.


If you have any further queries, make yourself comfortable in the comment section.


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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections and their Benefits



Do you stand in front of the mirror and remember those good old days when you had all your hair?

You want those days back don’t you?

When you could move your fingers smoothly through your silky or even curly hair.

Well, there is this emerging treatment that can help you revive those days.

So let’s not lose hope, because the right treatments exist for you.

And with the help of one of the best dermatologists in Ahmedabad, we will guide you.

This treatment is done with the help of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections.

You must be curious to more.

And in this blog, we will be satisfying this curiosity.

We’re going to guide you through everything about PRP for hair growth.

And we’ll tell you the benefits of it along the way while answering all the questions that pop up in your mind.

And just in case, if we miss anything, the comment section is all yours.

Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics, a skin treatment clinic in Ahmedabad will clear all the doubts to make it easier for you.

So gather as much as you can from this, which will also make consulting a dermatologist a better experience for you.

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection Treatment?

To understand PRP treatment, the first step is to understand how platelets work in healing.

Platelets are blood cells that originate in the bone marrow and travel throughout the body.

Their main job is to stop and prevent bleeding.

And, how do they do it?

The body transmits information to platelets when a blood vessel is damaged, causing them to flow to the injured location.

Due to this function of platelets, researchers derived a theory.

Guess what it was?

To extract and then inject them into the damaged area to boost the process of healing.

Let’s take a look at how PRP is produced.

A dermatologist takes your blood sample and places it in a machine called a centrifuge.

This machine spins at a high speed and differentiates the blood constituents.

And then, the platelets are extracted to inject them into the damaged area.

Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics focuses on personalized care during and after the treatment.

What could be better than having professional and personal care at the same time?

By the way, did you know?

PRP treatment is also popularly known as “vampire treatments.”

Ever heard about it? If not, now you do.

PRP platelets are about five times more concentrated than ordinary blood platelets.

This is why they are rich in growth factors and proteins.

Before entering a clinic you should know what kind of procedure will be performed on you.


This will make it easier for you to cope and take measures according to it.

What is the Procedure of PRP Treatment?

Do you remember the process we mentioned above?

As we discussed that process in brief above let us elaborate a little for you.

There are a few steps that are needed to be followed while performing the treatment.

And the process might take around 1 hour.

Surprisingly, not much, right?

These are the following steps to be followed:

Step#1 30-40 ml of the blood is drawn through a vacutainer into a specially formulated container.

Step#2 It is then put into a centrifuge.

Step#3 After approximately 10 minutes, the blood is differentiated into separate components.

Step#4 The platelets are extracted with a syringe by a dermatologist.

Step#5 A topical anesthetic is applied over the area to be treated.

Step#6 Platelet-rich plasma is injected into your scalp directly.

When the PRP is injected, it causes microtrauma to the dermis (middle layer of the skin).

This activates the repair cells and leads to repairing your hair follicles.

And this is also why it is also considered a safe treatment because your own blood is extracted and then injected into you.

So, you can usually continue your normal activities which means you’ll have almost zero downtime.

But there can be a few side effects you need to deal with.

Side Effects is PRP Treatment

There can be a reaction to injecting your own blood into the scalp but these side effects only last for a few days.

Let’s take a look at them.

  • A little discomfort at the injection site
  • Headache
  • Sore and tender scalp
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Temporary minute bleeding

These side effects are quite bearable and worth the treatment.

As it has far more benefits that can overlook these side effects and give you the desired look.

So let’s discover the benefits of PRP treatment.

Benefits of PRP Treatment

From what we have learned so far, we have differentiated the benefits from for you.

  • Minimal side effects- As your own blood platelets are injected into your scalp, there are minimal side effects and no risk of getting a disease.
  • Natural-looking outcome- Your DNA structure remains the same due to your blood platelets which gives you a natural look plus long-lasting results.
  • Outpatient Treatment- As the treatment takes around an hour you don’t have to stay at the clinic for long which makes it even more convenient for you.
  • Non-surgical- The procedure only involves injecting the platelets, or any scars or cuts and usually leaves only a little discomfort at the area of treatment.
  • Minimal Recovery Period- As there is almost no downtime you can return to your normal activities. You just have to face the obvious side effects of the treatment.

A Word from Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics…

Your hair health is one of the crucial things to be followed while you are young.

But most people don’t pay much attention to it.

There are many factors that cause this hair loss though.

But over time, PRP treatment has gained popularity.

One of the reasons could be the hair loss due to Covid-19 Pandemic.

It has also proved to be an effective way of hair treatment and can renew your hair growth in a drastic way.

Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics perform these therapies with utmost care and professionalism.

The quality of how a dermatologist matters in your hair growth and varies from person to person.

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