Have you been struggling to find answers to your skin questions?

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From simple dermatological questions to their treatments.

There are many common questions about them.

And, Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics will clear them for you with pure facts.

These questions are answered by Dr. Shaunakk Patel, one of the best dermatologists in Ahmedabad.

Along with his expertise and experience he wishes to spread awareness among people.

Because people go through these questions at some other point in their lifetime.

So, let’s solve them once and for all.

And you have a little less to worry about things after you read this blog!

Do you know what you get as a bonus here?

In the process of getting your questions answered, you will learn as well as get to know interesting facts.

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1. How do I start a Skincare Routine?

As you know all of our skins have different types like oily, dry or sensitive ones.

A combination of these exists too. For Example, an oily and a dry one.

So, the first step is to determine the type of skin you have.

The second step is to set up your goals.

What do you want to achieve with a skincare routine?

For Example, getting rid of acne or anti-aging.

Once you are sure about this, start searching for the products that meet the first two steps.

And if you are having a problem determining these things, the best choice would be to consult a dermatologist!

2. How many times should I wash my face?

There is a prominent myth about washing your face multiple times, that the more you wash the healthier it will be.

This is wrong on a lot of parameters.

Overwashing is a thing as well and doing it can be as harmful as not washing your face.

It makes the skin so dry that you will see instant breakouts on your face.

Plus, it causes constant irritation to your face, so we recommend washing your face twice a day.

As we said earlier, we recommend that you get to know your skin first and then take action in the right direction.

3. What is the cause of my acne?

Acne is one of the most common skin problems.

There are a lot of factors that lead to your acne.

Androgen hormones, which generally become active during adolescence and young adulthood, are a major hormonal factor in acne.

Acne can be brought on by sensitivity to these hormones, in addition to surface skin microorganisms and fatty acids within oil glands.

These conditions make it worse:

  • Picking on acne
  • Pollution
  • Genetics
  • Stress or depression
  • Medications
  • Eating sugary foods

Your causes of acne might be unknown so discover the causes before a treatment.

Your dermatologist can help you do that.

We have a detailed article just for everything about acne and acne treatments, check it out !

4. Why is sunscreen so important and what Sun Protection Factor (SPF) do you recommend?

Wearing your sunscreen is quite the easiest and the best way to protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun.

Which ultimately provides you from skin cancer.

The more you are exposed to the sun, the more the risk of skin cancer will increase.

UV rays exposure also leads to premature aging.

You do not want to age faster, right?

That is why sunscreen is important even on cloudy days because can’t escape those rays.

The recommended SPF level is 15 but we recommend SPF levels of 30-50.

SPF 15 gives you the protection of 93% from UV rays whereas SPF level 30-50 can give you up to 98% protection from it.

Also, check if sunscreen has a broad spectrum of providing you protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Apply a thick layer of it 15-20 mins before heading outside so that your skin absorbs it to protect you.

Also, sunscreens are not permanent, make sure you apply them every 2-3 hours.

5. Why is my skin partially oily and partially dry?

The classic T-zone tends to be more oily and pores might be more noticeable in these regions because we are born with more oil glands in specific areas of the face.

Genetics is something you can’t change.

But if necessary, you can use different products on the oily parts than you would on the dry ones.

6. Should I pop my pimples or not?

Honestly, we suggest you shouldn’t.

They can cause an infection and scarring and damage your hair follicles.
We need to consider the origin of the pimple as well as its general location on the skin, which is inside the hair follicle unit, or more precisely, inside the pore.

Therefore, this pimple is a little pus ball that is fixed inside this pore.

It’s just being held there which is fine.

At this time, it won’t leave any scars.

As soon as you pop it, you break the hair follicle, and the inflammation causes harm to the collagen in the area.

So that’s where the scarring occurs.

Therefore, avoid popping your pimples to avoid scarring and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

They can last a lifetime, not acne.

Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics can help you get spot treatments that help you relieve extreme acne.

7. Why does aging cause the skin to wrinkle?

Skin loses volume with age.

For Example, a grape.

Imagine you are that grape and you start to lose the skin’s volume with the age.

This volume is pulled by gravity the leads to sagging.

And you turn into a raisin.

This is the first reason. Gravity.

Now an instance for the second one.

Imagine yourself as a shoe.

The more you move the more creases it creates.

That’s what happens with our facial muscles as well.

Your expressions lead to your wrinkles because of their movement.

Cosmetic treatments like Botox and Fillers can be great options to get rid of these wrinkles.

Also, make sure to not expose yourself much to the sun because that increases the rate of aging skin.

Or apply sunscreen as directed.

A Word from Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics…

We hope that these answers brought you something to learn about.

We learn a lot from you as well, about you and how our treatments can benefit you in your best interest.

We value your questions and match them with our expertise to reach an outcome that answers your questions.

If you have any further questions, drop a comment below or get in touch with us!





Are you seeking a skin treatment clinic in Ahmedabad that provides you with appropriate treatments for your dermatological problems?

Well, we have already done the homework for you so you don’t have to.

From acne scar treatment and dermal fillers to hair loss treatment and laser surgery, all your answers lie here.

This blog will guide you to the clinics that can provide you with dermatology and aesthetic treatments from the best dermatologist in Ahmedabad.

So, sit back and read this article to discover the best clinic for you.

What do you expect when you first search for a clinic?

Did you think of the answer?

Now we want you to keep that in mind while you are reading this. Okay?

This is the list of one of the best dermatology clinics in Ahmedabad.

And we are listing them because we want you to have a treatment that is best for you, your skin, and your mental state.

So, here we go:

1. Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics

Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics is a clinic that gives that homely and comfortable feeling with its soothing atmosphere.

It is a project intended to serve as a living testimonial to all that is in the best interests of the patients.

Under one roof, you’ll get accurate diagnoses and the highest levels of treatment.

All while employing safe, internationally-certified state-of-the-art technologies.

It helps you see the artistic side of medicine while getting professional and personal care from the dermatologist who listens to you and understands you first.

And then gives his best to treat you in the best way.

2. Tanus Skin

Tanus Skin’s aim and mission are to improve the overall care of an individual’s skin, hair, and nails.

Their treatments are a blend of medical science achievements and creative vision.

They use creativity and experience to provide their clients with the most complete and satisfying rejuvenation.

In addition, they provide each client with individualized attention and treatment plans.

3. Shree Rang Skin Clinic

Shree Rang Clinic believes that sometimes even the simplest treatment can improve the client’s confidence in himself/herself.

And that is what is rewarding to them as a clinic.

And gives them confidence which is also shared by their clients to achieve their cosmetic goals.

4. Elegance Skin Clinic

Elegance offers a variety of dermatological, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgical procedures to patients.

The clinic’s doctor is dedicated to the profession and is constantly striving to improve the quality of medical and surgical operations.

They have always stood for fresh ideas and provided affection to their patients.

5. The Skin Artistry

The Skin Artistry takes time to listen to your issues and help you look and feel your best.

They restore and renew your skin in a relaxed manner with a selection of treatments for both men and women.

At The Skin Artistry, you can discover great skincare and body contouring procedures in your quest for beauty, personal well-being, and increased self-confidence.

6. Mayfair Advanced Aesthetic Surgery

At Mayfair Aesthetic Surgery Hospital, they offer a wide range of cosmetic and corrective surgical procedures using the most up-to-date medical equipment and facilities.

As cosmetic operations are such a personal experience, they make certain that our customers receive the finest possible care while maintaining their privacy.

Their goal is for the person to reach comprehensive well-being, which includes peace, happiness, and contentment.

These skin treatment clinics in Ahmedabad can check the boxes of your expected treatment.

Outlook on Choosing a Skin Clinic

You know what is best for you.

So, why hesitate when choosing the best dermatology clinic.

And that is what this list was prepared for you as it will make it easier for you to choose.

There are many options in the market, but finding a dermatology clinic that addresses your problems is like mining for diamonds.

And when you discover the diamond it can prove valuable in your life.

Sometimes, it’s okay to not be hard on yourself.

So, before your dermatological issues get serious, choose a clinic that is best for you.

Which will prove to be a great asset for your physical and mental well-being and give a whole lot of confidence to you.

Also helps you go to sleep peacefully without overthinking yourself.

Because that is what matters, right?


Choosing a dermatologist can be a difficult task.

Especially when you want to take a treatment for the first time.

It can get you nervous at first but if a clinic does their best to give you proper care even for the smallest issue, you know it is the one.

Also, you never know what underlying conditions you might be suffering.

Your health is your responsibility and it’s time to take action to maintain it.

A good skin clinic is willing to share this responsibility with you.

That is how you and we can develop the trust to give you the best skin treatment ever!

Have you made up your mind to choose the clinic? Book a consultation today!


Top 8 Dermatologists in Ahmedabad



Searching for top dermatologists in Ahmedabad? You have come across the right page!

Are you conscious of your acne and acne scars? Does your hair loss frustrate you? Are your skin problems getting worse over time?

All these problems not only affect you physically but mentally which creates a pressure of deteriorating self-confidence on you.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to be afraid of addressing these problems.

That’s what dermatologists are here for. To talk about your dermatological problems and treat them in the best way.

So, what do you do first when you realize you are suffering from a dermatological problem?

You search it on Google, right?

Self-diagnosing through Google leaves you even more clueless and could create a panic for you because Dr. Google doesn’t know your skin.

BUT a dermatologist can analyze and study it closely.

So what’s the effective solution?

Consulting the best dermatologist.

So here is the list of top 8 Dermatologists in Ahmedabad that you can look up to who can go to the root cause of the issue to its solution for your skin problems or hair loss or any other dermatological problems.


1. Dr. Shaunakk Patel

Dr. Shaunakk Patel is a Gold Medalist in MD Dermatology and Fellow in Aesthetic Medicine (FAM).

He was felicitated by Shree Devendra Fadnavis for the Gold Medal in MD Dermatology. He has an experience of 10+ years and has treated more than 5000 patients.

He has traveled to Italy, Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Dubai to pursue Internationally Certified fellowships.

The amalgamation of approaches is the fundamental Doctrine of Dr. Shaunakk Patel’s working style at Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics.

He believes adding more value to the existing model of skin and hair care available commercially not only makes it more thorough but also has a greater acceptance with a wider mass appeal.

This has led Dr. Shaunakk Patel to absorb the goodness of different cultures and Indianize the entire algorithm.


2. Dr. Neha Tahiliani

Dr. Neha N. Tahiliani M.D. (Skin & V.D) by following her professional qualification and training, she started her own clinic name Shree Rang Skin Clinic at a prime location in Ahmedabad.

She got expertise in acne treatment, wrinkle treatment, botox and fillers, hair fall & hair loss.

When asked what makes dermatology so rewarding, she said, “My job is rewarding because sometimes even the simplest treatment can change the client’s confidence in himself/herself and I feel I am part of a larger global skincare promotion program.”


3. Dr. Hital Kumar Patel

Dr. Hital Patel is an expert in skin disorders & medically-supervised cosmetic treatments which restore and enhance skin health.

He has an experience of more than 10 years.

He did his MD at the prestigious NIMS Medical College & Hospital in Jaipur. Apart from practicing at The Skin Artistry.

He is also a Consultant Dermatologist & Cosmetologist at Dr. P.B. Haribhakti Skin Clinic, Ahmedabad.

He believes in patiently listening to the patients’ problems and offering his services in a revitalizing manner.


4. Dr. Rashmi Shanker

Dr. Rashmi Shanker has been working in Dermatology & Cosmetologysince 2006 and is a specialist in Anti-Ageing treatments which helps people look younger.

Apart from managing Tanus, she also works as a Medical Advisor and Senior Consultant for Kaya Skin Clinic.

She has an experience of 10+ years.

Additionally, she helps to train and mentor upcoming doctors and is associated with renowned international brands like Allergan and Galderma.

Dr. Rashmi’s knowledge, passion, and innovation have made her a much sought-after Dermatologist and Cosmetologist. Her aim is to bring affordable dermatology and cosmetology care to people from all walks of life.


5. Dr. Kedarnath Pandya

Dr. Kedarnath Pandya is a plastic surgeon who has received board certification. He did a fellowship in Advanced Aesthetic Surgery in Mumbai after finishing his MCh (Plastic Surgery).

His enthusiasm for the subject, meticulous labor, natural aesthetic sense, and impressive credentials have led him to pioneer groundbreaking procedures in body sculpting, breast surgery, and hair transplantation.

Aesthetic surgery, according to Dr. Pandya, is a branch that is a perfect blend of science and art.


6. Dr. Aarti Shah

Dr. Aarti Shah was an Ex. Associate Professor of Dermatology at Gujarat University (Sheth K.M. School of Post Graduate Medicine & Research, N.H.L. Municipal Medical College, V.S.Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India) for 23 years.

She is very much interested in the area of Cosmetic Dermatology and Skin Rejuvenation

She has successfully merged her passion for science and medicine with a compassionate approach to patient care.


7. Dr. Smita A Nagpal

Dr Smita A Nagpal is a well recognized Consultant Dermatologist, Dermatosurgeon & Cosmetic Dermatologist based in Ahmedabad.

She is the founder of Anya Skin Clinic.

Her vision is to provide standardized, effective, and affordable care to the people.


8. Dr. Jagdish Sakhiya

Dr. Jagdish Sakhiya had taken advanced training in Anti-wrinkle injections Therapy, Derma-Roller, Micro-Derma & Chemical Peelings Fractional CO2 Laser for Facial resurfacing, Advance Fillers, Mesotherapy for Skin & Hair in Greece, Sclerotherapy, Light-based IPL Skin Treatments, Laser Hair Removal, Q-Switched Nd-Yag Laser for Skin, Radia Frequency for Skin Tightening

He believes that the core purpose is to restore the confidence of our patients by providing a natural and long-lasting aesthetic appearance.

Providing an optimal solution to each of his valued patients after thorough analysis is his prime concern.


Want to regain your confidence and be worry-free?

Now that you have discovered the best dermatologists in Ahmedabad, you have a chance to know your skin and feel comfortable in it.

Knowing and learning about dermatological problems can help you stay healthy and confident.

Not all dermatological problems need treatment, but consulting a dermatologist could help you know your problems and their intensity better.

Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics believes in educating and making people aware of dermatological problems and then working on them.

Brushing them off can cause serious trouble.

Don’t hesitate!

Determine the best solutions to your problems here .

Ready to get a Consultation or Treatment?

Book an Appointment  today, Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics will answer all your questions.


How to Choose the Best Dermatologist?



It’s the matter of your precious skin.

Do you want to give it to the wrong hands?

No. Right?

Choosing a dermatologist that understands your skin is a blessing.

Your skin is a vast organ, also perhaps one of your most crucial.

It serves as your body’s first line of protection against the outside world.

Don’t you want to feel confident about it when you go out?

So, to take this little burden off your shoulder let’s see how to choose the best dermatologist in Ahmedabad.

To ensure that your skin is at its best, these are the things you should keep in mind while choosing your dermatologist.

Determine Your Dermatology Needs

Recognizing your dermatology needs makes you understand your problems better.

Plus, it also aids you in choosing the best dermatologist.

The dermatology needs can be divided in:

  • Medical
  • Cosmetic
  • Surgical

The specializations of the dermatologist should align with your area of interest or problem.

For any inquiries related to your dermatology needs, get in touch with Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics .

Research Doctor’s Credentials

Seeking medical help calls for some research about the dermatologist.

You simply cannot overlook it.

Check if the dermatologist is board certified.

It indicates that the doctor has the requisite education, abilities, and experience to provide dermatological care.

Also, be sure the dermatologist hasn’t had any malpractice lawsuits or disciplinary measures in the past.

This helps you in knowing your dermatologist closely and builds trust before even consulting them.

Take Account of Dermatologist’s Experience​

When it comes to issues related to appearance, the experience of the dermatologist counts.

The more experience a dermatologist has with a certain ailment or procedure, the better your outcomes will be.

It is directly proportional to your treatment.

And, you wouldn’t compromise with it, right?

An experienced dermatologist will not only treat you but understand your problems and make them easy for you to express.

So, communicate with them and ask what problems they have faced while treating a patient.

This will help you evaluate the experience and whether it satisfies you or not.

Service Range​

Treatments range from person to person.

You never know how severe the case is until it’s diagnosed.

So, when choosing a dermatologist, make sure the clinic provides a broad range of treatments and services.

This will give you the peace of mind that you’re getting the best care for your skin’s needs.

Surf Reviews Online​

What is the first thing you do while buying a product online?

Scroll down to the page and look for reviews, right? Even for doctors because health is everything.

Surfing what others have said about a doctor can provide you insight into how they conduct medicine and run their medical business.

Patients’ experiences with booking appointments, the office environment, and the politeness of the office employees are frequently reflected in patient reviews.

Even the response of dermatologists can help you know how much they value their patients.

What does your Insurance Cover?​

Don’t you want to minimize the cost to visit a dermatologist?

It’s a practical matter to make sure you’re covered by insurance. It is crucial to determine the insurance benefits you can get for a treatment.

Knowing what your insurance covers can make your burden a little lighter.

It can serve the following benefits:

  • It includes both pre and post-hospitalization expenses.
  • You don’t need a lot of cash to get through the procedure.
  • Health checkups are also covered
  • Less of a financial strain from rising medical costs.

Safe COVID-19 Protocol is Maintained​

COVID-19 Protocols not being followed in a clinic or a hospital is a big red flag you should look after.

What matters is you are safe and clinics need to follow these protocols.

If you see any lagging, you should reconsider going to the dermatologist

Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics  prioritize your safety and follows all the safety protocols necessary.

BONUS: Preparation to visit a Dermatology Clinic

We recommend you these 4 steps for preparation in order to have an effective consultation with your dermatologist.

Step#1 Before the appointment, make a list of your questions.

Step#2 Be aware of your family’s medical history.

Step#3 If you have been diagnosed before, bring your lab results.

Step#4 Avoid wearing makeup, so your dermatologist can examine your skin clearly.

A Word from Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics…​

At the end of the day what matters is that you had a successful treatment that you are satisfied with.

And effective research helps you reach that point.

You need a dermatologist who understands your issues and pushes you toward your well-being.

To reduce your burden, even more, we have prepared a list of Top 8 Dermatologists in Ahmedabad  for you.

Don’t forget to note things you get to learn about your skin from a dermatologist.

You know the best decision for yourself and we will encourage you to do the best for yourself.

Are you ready to discover what’s best for you?

Get in touch  with Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics today.