Have you been struggling to find answers to your skin questions? Would you like to get them all answered in one place? This blog brings you the answers that you have always been searching for.



Have you been struggling to find answers to your skin questions?

Would you like to get them all answered in one place?

This blog brings you the answers that you have always been searching for.

From simple dermatological questions to their treatments.

There are many common questions about them.

And, Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics will clear them for you with pure facts.

These questions are answered by Dr. Shaunakk Patel, one of the best dermatologists in Ahmedabad.

Along with his expertise and experience he wishes to spread awareness among people.

Because people go through these questions at some other point in their lifetime.

So, let’s solve them once and for all.

And you have a little less to worry about things after you read this blog!

Do you know what you get as a bonus here?

In the process of getting your questions answered, you will learn as well as get to know interesting facts.

Quite fascinating, don’t you think?

Let’s begin!

1. How do I start a Skincare Routine?

As you know all of our skins have different types like oily, dry or sensitive ones.

A combination of these exists too. For Example, an oily and a dry one.

So, the first step is to determine the type of skin you have.

The second step is to set up your goals.

What do you want to achieve with a skincare routine?

For Example, getting rid of acne or anti-aging.

Once you are sure about this, start searching for the products that meet the first two steps.

And if you are having a problem determining these things, the best choice would be to consult a dermatologist!

2. How many times should I wash my face?

There is a prominent myth about washing your face multiple times, that the more you wash the healthier it will be.

This is wrong on a lot of parameters.

Overwashing is a thing as well and doing it can be as harmful as not washing your face.

It makes the skin so dry that you will see instant breakouts on your face.

Plus, it causes constant irritation to your face, so we recommend washing your face twice a day.

As we said earlier, we recommend that you get to know your skin first and then take action in the right direction.

3. What is the cause of my acne?

Acne is one of the most common skin problems.

There are a lot of factors that lead to your acne.

Androgen hormones, which generally become active during adolescence and young adulthood, are a major hormonal factor in acne.

Acne can be brought on by sensitivity to these hormones, in addition to surface skin microorganisms and fatty acids within oil glands.

These conditions make it worse:

  • Picking on acne
  • Pollution
  • Genetics
  • Stress or depression
  • Medications
  • Eating sugary foods

Your causes of acne might be unknown so discover the causes before a treatment.

Your dermatologist can help you do that.

We have a detailed article just for everything about acne and acne treatments, check it out !

4. Why is sunscreen so important and what Sun Protection Factor (SPF) do you recommend?

Wearing your sunscreen is quite the easiest and the best way to protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun.

Which ultimately provides you from skin cancer.

The more you are exposed to the sun, the more the risk of skin cancer will increase.

UV rays exposure also leads to premature aging.

You do not want to age faster, right?

That is why sunscreen is important even on cloudy days because can’t escape those rays.

The recommended SPF level is 15 but we recommend SPF levels of 30-50.

SPF 15 gives you the protection of 93% from UV rays whereas SPF level 30-50 can give you up to 98% protection from it.

Also, check if sunscreen has a broad spectrum of providing you protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Apply a thick layer of it 15-20 mins before heading outside so that your skin absorbs it to protect you.

Also, sunscreens are not permanent, make sure you apply them every 2-3 hours.

5. Why is my skin partially oily and partially dry?

The classic T-zone tends to be more oily and pores might be more noticeable in these regions because we are born with more oil glands in specific areas of the face.

Genetics is something you can’t change.

But if necessary, you can use different products on the oily parts than you would on the dry ones.

6. Should I pop my pimples or not?

Honestly, we suggest you shouldn’t.

They can cause an infection and scarring and damage your hair follicles.
We need to consider the origin of the pimple as well as its general location on the skin, which is inside the hair follicle unit, or more precisely, inside the pore.

Therefore, this pimple is a little pus ball that is fixed inside this pore.

It’s just being held there which is fine.

At this time, it won’t leave any scars.

As soon as you pop it, you break the hair follicle, and the inflammation causes harm to the collagen in the area.

So that’s where the scarring occurs.

Therefore, avoid popping your pimples to avoid scarring and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

They can last a lifetime, not acne.

Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics can help you get spot treatments that help you relieve extreme acne.

7. Why does aging cause the skin to wrinkle?

Skin loses volume with age.

For Example, a grape.

Imagine you are that grape and you start to lose the skin’s volume with the age.

This volume is pulled by gravity the leads to sagging.

And you turn into a raisin.

This is the first reason. Gravity.

Now an instance for the second one.

Imagine yourself as a shoe.

The more you move the more creases it creates.

That’s what happens with our facial muscles as well.

Your expressions lead to your wrinkles because of their movement.

Cosmetic treatments like Botox and Fillers can be great options to get rid of these wrinkles.

Also, make sure to not expose yourself much to the sun because that increases the rate of aging skin.

Or apply sunscreen as directed.

A Word from Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics…

We hope that these answers brought you something to learn about.

We learn a lot from you as well, about you and how our treatments can benefit you in your best interest.

We value your questions and match them with our expertise to reach an outcome that answers your questions.

If you have any further questions, drop a comment below or get in touch with us!


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